Two and Three Years Old

Two and three-year olds learn by gathering information and asking questions (auditory learners). Then they try to figure out ways to solve a problem (visual and kinesthetic learners). They are ego-centric, which means everything is based on them. They have “How does it affect me?” syndrome.  They learn in specifics, without wanting to know all the technical answers. For instance, a ball is used to throw, a pen is used to write, and a chair is used to sit in. They don’t realize you can use all of these to create a game.

The staff at Seven Branches is trained to understand where your child is developmentally. This helps us teach successfully. The staff does this by encouraging and stimulating your child, so he understands meanings and facts and can easily recall them. Pinnacle and Abeka focus on Christ-like values while using a hands-on approach. We’ve discovered the perfect way for your children to learn the way God designed—learning about Him through His creation!

When children are excited about learning, they learn more quickly and retain knowledge longer. At Seven Branches, we believe in fun, excitement and learning from each other. Children will learn better feeling safe in their environment and free to express themselves. We encourage children to seek more knowledge, ask more questions, help each other and grow together as they discover who they are and what talents God has given each of them. Helping children develop is our gift to their futures.

As their young minds grow, we want them to know they are loved 100%, they are 100% valued, they are 100% accepted and they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by their Creator.