Private Pre-K Program

Consistent routines are important for children this age. Our teachers begin each day with circle time and discussions of kid-friendly topics such as their friends, pets, or family and what we will be learning today. We pray for our friends and family and talk about things that pertain to character development.

Bible Focus is a time devoted to learning about God, Jesus or the scriptures. Each day we focus on a Bible story that highlights our weekly Bible verse. We talk about the characters in the story and what it means.

Our lesson plans and a variety of centers promote language and literacy, fine and gross motor development, dramatic play, math and science, sensory and self-help skills.

Small group time provides an opportunity for the teacher to focus on a few children at a time.  In this way, an activity requiring more teacher participation, such as guided reading, can be accomplished.

Large group activities foster a sense of cooperation in a group setting. This age group will develop communication skills with one another and work on their social skills while playing. Group play outside improves large motor skills and physical endurance.

Each day the children play and explore outdoors (weather permitting) and engage in imaginative play.