Seven Branches Academy Curriculum - A Beka and HighReach Leaning Curriculums

Our Curriculum

Each day your child will engage teachers and peers to learn about the wonderful world and develop skills.

Teachers will utilize the A Beka Christian and Creative Curriculum. Intertwining these two curriculums will provide your child a quality learning experience built on the foundation of the Christian faith.

Our curriculum is designed to complement the developmental stages of each child:

  • Cognition
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Language development
  • Social interactions
  • Mathematics
  • Emotional & Spiritual growth

Seven Branches, A Beka and Learning Core Values

As a Christian or non-Christian parent, you can rest assured that Seven Branches Academy will never teach the latest educational fad just to be popular. If it goes against the teachings of Jesus, it goes against Seven Branches’ teachings.

A Beka Book and Common Core

A Beka Book is based on Christian principles and values. The authors routinely monitor educational trends and evaluate their effectiveness in teaching and how they align with Christianity. If they deem them to be contrary to Christian beliefs and values, they will not be enforced.

A Beka Book is committed to providing the finest educational resources for Christian schools and homeschool families. Accordingly, they routinely monitor educational trends in curriculum and assessment to evaluate them in light of traditional Christian values and objectives. Our goal is to continually improve A Beka Book materials by providing the most up-to-date content and best practices in textbooks and curriculum.

Common Core Alignment

Many Christian school educators and homeschool parents are inquiring about the sweeping national education standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While CCSS have only been written for English Language Arts and Mathematics, they have quickly been adopted by most state departments of education, and future standardized testing appears to be aligning with them. Meanwhile, there is much controversy over the imposition of national standards, the loss of local control over education, and undesirable philosophical implications.

Standards in education are often very useful when they present content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically challenging. Unfortunately, some of Common Core goes beyond content and moves into the realm of teaching methodology. Since many of these techniques do not align with our traditional Christian approach, we have purposefully chosen not to add them, but rather to leave it up to the school or individual to make decisions for implementation in keeping with their philosophy and principles of teaching and learning.

While it is healthy to be informed by educational trends and performance data, it is not the practice of A Beka Book to adjust or change its curriculum to align with each new reform that is presented in academia. We will continue our commitment to seek content and best practices that provide students with the tools they need for both academic and personal success.

Upcoming Activities

Seven Branches Academy values your child's creativity and curiosity about their world. Therefore, we are going to implement and design an Organic Garden for planting in the Spring. Check back for more details.